Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Gary has had trouble with compulsions for years. Opposite Baker Street Station (public toilets) he went cruising and made a mistake. He grabbed a man's penis by the urinals. Turned out he was straight. Gary was arrested. The police sat Gary in a room with a detective whilst the Victim (in a separate room) told them what happened Gary (he could hear - made it easier for the Police dealing with Gary) Repeated to me mentally by Gary in prison. Nothing to do all day...

Rumour is the whole care plan was somehow approved by and for Dr Jane Hinshlemoor. She has been a psychiatrist for 5 years. Before that she was in higher education.

Dr Bridget Kelsey (The Duchess) approved her ideas in part only in a supervisory role. She in turn is supervised by Dr Gursoy Senior Consultant Psychiatrist who is based on various sites such as Chase Farm Hospital.

I am so drained and tired with all this. Carrying a burden which isn't really mine. Very unfair indeed.

Psychiatric Nurse Grace and Eunice both seem to agree that if they allow Gary to get better at the prison - they will be stuck with him.

He moans he wants a transfer, so the only way to win is to move him. For his sake and everybody else's.  

Now I experience strange feelings on my anus. Gary likes black men to F..k him, I don't; so Eunice or Grace is telling him to give me strange sensations in intimate places. Both are psychiatric nurses at the prison. Wonder what the Governor Mr Monaghan thinks about this PERVERSITY?

Nasty rumour that I would be in real trouble if Eddie (Homosexual Sadistic Priosn Officer)) tells to attack me mentally. Gary causes your body to react to his attentions. In short, he is a control freak!