Sunday, 20 March 2016

To the Nurses who have a problem - March 2016

To the Nurses who have a problem with this case at HMP Pentonville:

You only go so far for these types of men; you don't actively ruin somebody's life for the sake of a sex offender!

A man who was put into prison for a reason. A man, who has lied about me in prison, lied to prison staff to detract focus from himself to make up lies about somebody else (me).
To make them the centre of attention, to take the spotlight off your own crime to try and manipulate, lever yourself out of prison - into a hospital - where is easier to gain freedom.
He can then avoid the very reason ‘why’ he was sent to prison in the first place, also avoiding exploring any remorse at all. He (Lockwood) then feels he will subsequently leave hospital in exactly the same ‘frame of mind’ that he arrived in prison with - after all it's very inconvenient to be sent to prison for child molestation isn't it!
I am simply left waiting until the problems that he has created amongst staff in the prison are resolved. At the prison he has caused many problems with the staff with the lies he has told about me. He has got them into trouble, and as a result of this my life can't move on because he screwed me up before he went into prison. Almost gave me a criminal record too, with the lies he told to the Police and Courts about me (Case thrown out).
Lockwood just switched on a vulnerable person (me) at a point in their life, and used that vulnerability to his own ends! I have made the prison aware of this, that's my situation now. I'm paying the price - a very high price because of his highly manipulative devious personality.
Nurses claim that his care plan (Sex Offender Treatment Programme) stipulated that as before - in the past - it's always the other person who's to blame in Lockwood's mind.
So of course any scorn he had about me was received and condoned by mental health staff (including Nurses) treating him. This is what he needed to boost his ego back up a notch, after his offence.
Of course they didn't realise in the beginning, that I was getting every word, that's how much of a predator Lockwood is. He was using me in the community to get back at prison staff. He wanted to undermine them, destroy their confidence in their ability. Which I might say to date - he has been extremely successful with! 
He got into my mind and literally used me. I believe there many types of abuse in this world and mental has to be one of the worst in the world - especially from a sex offender.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Someone stop him HURTING ME! Please? I have years left, but the pain makes me want to DIE today!

I said to Lockwood he is going to have to find a hero in himself to get out of Pentonville - Also he has to get away from Agnes! It's imperative that he does as since he has encountered her, he's gone on a downwards spiral that he cannot get off of. Where she went wrong was trying to portray me as a flawed victim - someone who has fallen in society (because of my sexuality - she is strict Christian) and of course her ultimate goal was to portray herself as virtuous, respectable and impeccably reliable psychiatric nurse that nothing could touch. She even came from the prison where Lockwood is held to my home address - to make me think I was going mad! That I had imagined the whole thing and that I needed to seek advice from a psychiatrist. She then planned to use her position as a nurse in the NHS as a sort of go-between - between my psychiatric team and Lockwood’s team putting herself into this 'everybody needs me' position. Of course I did not believe any of this and I do not want anything to do with Lockwood or his SOTP treatment! All these years she has been the one of the lead nurses involved in lockwoods care. One of the nurses to reinforce and reassure him that he is in the right - in that I am the person who he has the problem with. He was meant to work it out with her he could insult me continuously, think about me continuously in a negative fashion. Over the years it's got worse - the mental strain on me - which I perceive has got worse. The pains I get in my body have got unbearable to the point where I cannot study work even visit friends at times. At some point Lockwood was meant to have become bored of insulting me. He was meant to show progress that he had got over his obsession with me. He was there meant to be able to be released back into the community to live again in North London. Unfortunately Agnes has become clouded - she has she has over the years become judgemental about me, disapproving of me - when she has absolutely no right as I am a member of the public! I am not in prison and in fact and the original victim of Lockwood. She was meant to get him away from me not enhance the pain and negativity, but to stop it! Presently she has failed, but she won't admit. She blames others in her nursing team, psychiatrists who she works with - stating that she was misled from the start. Perhaps if she had listened at the beginning of this, then she would not have strayed from the path that Dr Kelsey specified she follow. It's not my concern to get into prison business, but it does concern me that my life is being ruined on a daily and nightly basis - by a convicted pederast in HMP Pentonville...

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

2012 Another Year of Suffering....

The mental abuse has been going on years! Here is some more proof of my very personal suffering. I am getting towards the end of my tether now. I want my life to end everyday because of this suffering. Some names have been changed to protect friends.

Senior or Lead Nurse Agnes has been the individual who has engineered this whole situation. She thought she could get a better paid position within the NHS/Prison Service by exploiting this situation to her own ends! She purposely sent junior nurses into the fire, they subsequently got sacked when they went against her and realised they were being used by her. She wanted to come in at the end and claim that the whole thing was her success -  when the truth is she is now being outed and the whole thing is a complete embarrassment to the Ministry of Justice, Mr Gary Monaghan Governor HMP Pentonville and to the psychiatrists in charge: Dr Bridget Kelsey, Dr Jane Hinshlemoor, Dr Helen Gursoy and Dr Diver.

I know this sounds like a revenge trip honey, but Agnes has cost me! She has delayed personal development in my life and driven me back to wanting to end my life. I had overcome many problems through the Tavistock Clinic and Private therapy.

Due to her blatant clumsiness/greed in handling this case - I now have Lockwood firmly embedded up my arse forever! If that doesn't send me over the edge, I don't know what will.

My eyes have been stinging all day. Strange because I do not have an eye infection. I believe he is also doing this to Anita. Also have been experiencing pokes to my wrists.
Lockwood tells me that Tokyin has arrived and is looking for trouble. The attitude I am picking up is disgusting. Apparently she projects this to Lockwood – who subsequently sends it to me mentally. I don’t need to be brought into the prison in any shape or form. He goes on – if she just looks at me he has to mentally attack me. An awful tactic on his part. Why is he getting away with this? All this trouble. I am tired of this. I have other troubles in my life. People in need who appreciate and love me.
Finally he says that Cynthia Agyepong and Anita are laughing about my eyes. Which I might add look very tired.
Anita telling Lockwood to make me bite my tongue.
I have noticed that since Tokyin has come on the scene I am repeatedly stabbed in the wrists again – something that he stopped doing quite a few months ago.
Tokyin and Cynthia Agyepong together – the knockin begins.
Tokyin “”when we get our chance” Lockwood fears that when I am out of his world again – Tokyin will make his life a misery.
Stabbed in the back (Sensation) before Osteopathic appointment. Lockwood tells me it’s Cynthia Agyepong making him do it!
At 09:30 right muscle in shin whilst walking up Ogden  Street to Osteopath. Whilst in the waiting room I am hot again.
Anita present with Lockwood and my eyes start stinging. Stabbed in the right side again, whilst simply sitting in the waiting room. I feel angry that he is doing this to me! He says Anita is present.
Heat does subside eventually. I have a successful consultation and I am told that the asymmetry in my spine has gone. I have some tension left – but it will improve in time – with continued treatment.
Anita and Tokyin disturbing me after the treatment. I am at home in bed. I have been told to rest after the spinal manipulation – this is common place. The spinal fluid circulates three times a day. You need to keep still and relax until the spine adjusts to its new position. Is this asking too much?
Cynthia Agyepong present with Lockwood.
Anita – I have feeling of pins and of being unsettled.
Cynthia Agyepong the latest: When Lockwood detects a certain action – say something nasty – Mr Dillon's will then not be able to detect it clearly. It should confuse him – scare him!
Anita – Anita – Anita. Cynthia Agyepong attempting to calculate my finance.
Tokyin & Cynthia Agyepong – There is a rumour that I have used my friend Dennis for money! Disgusting and untrue – see previous character references I have sent to your offices.
Cynthia Agyepong: Aggravating and poking me in the knees. I don’t like these games with Lockwood.
Cynthia Agyepong: For the whole night Lockwood is distressed. Subject matter is mixed race people – house moving and people Lockwood has never even met. People I may have known. Also the subject of Anorexia is brought up.
I am in Primark – Sandra is present with Lockwood. I am hot standing in the queue. My neck and torso – it feels very uncomfortable and I am angry. I don’t need to sweat on demand! Cynthia Agyepong says “So you think it makes people feel better when you make them hot?” to Lockwood.
On the bus and boiling hot – sweating again. I feel like I am back to square one. I am angry – I say Anita, Anita, Anita over again in my head. My top is damp, face shining – it’s embarrassing to feel like this. I am also angry and frustrated.
I am at Oxford Circus tube and I am hot and bothered. T-shirt is damp – neck hot and sticky!
Tokyin or so Lockwood tells me. Keeps making him project thoughts at me in my lucid state of dreaming. Also Lockwood now projects more pain into my body. Esp. hands and wrists etc. See previous entry about fingertip (crush) injury.
Walking to Doctors GP. My second appt. I have a pain in my right shin and it’s very bad. So bad in fact I have to stop for a few minutes. Lockwood targets parts of my body with intent to cause pain.
Arrived at Doctors hot and sweaty. Anita is all Lockwood talks about. I guess this is her fault as he keeps talking about her. She comes in the night to talk about me to him! She is projecting aggression on to a mental patient because he says he feels he needs it????
Still in the waiting room and continually poked in arms – this is very annoying- My bowels are also attacked – plus whistling in ears.
Ears popped for the fourth or fifth time – whilst waiting to see my GP. Note: these symptoms have been constant whilst waiting to see my GP (I cannot tell him of course – I will appear quite mad).
Still waiting to see Dr and stabbed in back – Thanks! Feel very angry – but have controlled it!…
The appt with my GP is ok. I try and distract myself from Lockwood and hope he doesn’t mentally attack me whilst I am talking to the Doctor. If he does it could give the wrong impression. This can be very misleading as I have discovered when I was under suspicion with the Metropolitan Police over the harassment matter.
Right eyelid relaxed whilst in KFC Marble Arch – Get my prescription next
Sandra & Cynthia Agyepong. I have a bad stomach upset. Right side below ribs also sore. Lockwood tells me: “We’ve all got to do it to him”.
Tokyin or Anita present with Lockwood – he has a cut tongue.
Cynthia Agyepong. More lucid dream from her pen. Puppy that gets sick and put down. Depressing and emotional.
Cynthia Agyepong talking to Lockwood about Mr ... and money!
Stabbed sensation in the right side – lower back –Sandra present with Lockwood at the time. I am concerned about my class at the City Lit. Intrusion etc.
On number 7 bus on the way to the City Lit and starting to heat up. Lockwood blames Anita for making him do this to me. Is that any compensation?
More mild pain/discomfort in the abdominal area – bowels.
I feel a stab in the right side of my back. Lockwood says that it was Melanie.
Arrived at the City lit. I go and buy a coffee – just as I order my whole neck twitches and my head turns. As if someone is getting on my nerves or acupoints. I ignore it and place the order! Also my guts feel in pain and bloated. My head also feels tight in places. Mental attack again.
Cynthia Agyepong is with Lockwood and making a song and dance about it. Subsequently distracting me from my lesson
Very hot in class – I am fed up with this mental attack from Lockwood.
Hot torso.
Lower back twitching – messed with. More mental attack.
Lower back – tingling feeling
Lower back – tingling feeling - Coccyx area. Lockwood seems pleased with himself. I also have a stomach upset and bowel problems. My class went well, although I was distracted at times by Lockwood. He tutor is good at keeping her students attention.
Poked in the ball of my left foot – just behind the big toe acu-point I think!
Lockwood seems to be affecting my balance and stability. Also my back and spine have been attacked all day on and off.
Anita “That’s what we do to people like you” She is trying to threaten me. She has already been at my home address. She is trying to stop me writing to the prison. What is she trying to hide?
Pain in right elbow – pins and quite sharp. Extends to fingers. I am in Boots Piccadilly and I am quite hot under my jacket.
Pain in hands worse than ever. Tokyin is being very aggressive with Lockwood. He must be hated in the prison.
Anita “ I left everything ok earlier”
Awoken again.
Cynthia Agyepong present with Lockwood. I am very hot in bed and have to remove covers. My left wrist is in pain. I am in pain all over my abdomen – Bad! I have to drink a load of water because I am so hot. It must have been going on for ages in my sleep. I wonder who could have encouraged this? Anita, Cynthia Agyepong, Tokyin or perhaps all. Hardly fair is it? All for the sake of a pederast who won’t do as he’s told.
Anita “Focus on his whole body” I don’t think he should be still focusing on me at all.
Tokyin has revived this wrist thing. It has been over for quite some time. Why go over old news to Mr Lockwood’s detriment, unless you are trying to reach someone who does not exist?
Pain in wrist still bad - left hand.
Anita talking about what she thinks f my person life. She seems to be making anti-gay remarks. Something about a “BoBoClaat”.
Anita or Cynthia Agyepong waking me up again!
Cynthia Agyepong knocking Lockwood again. Subsequently he pulses or mentally knocks the entire floor. Should this behavior really be left to run its course, especially as it’s entirely ‘affected’?
Anita sat with Lockwood for half an hour allowing him to continue mentally disturbing me. She thinks she can dish out prison treatment to people in the real world. She thinks….
Lockwood being forced by Tokyin to mentally attack me whilst I rest. He says he doesn’t want to do it. They say he does. I believe he’s in the middle and needs the correct guidance away from Pentonville – as he has burned all his bridges.
I have just finished talking to Edna. She will be going into hospital on the 8th February.  I am feeling depressed about this as I don’t want to lose my friend to Cancer. When on the phone I was knocked throughout by Lockwood.
Cynthia Agyepong present with Lockwood – pain in wrist again. Tokyin might be present pretending to be C.A. Don’t know; don’t care to play games with people I would normally have nothing to do with in the real world.
Cynthia Agyepong is behaving “black” around him. Lockwood says.
Vivid dreams. Something about children. I get the feeling that someone in the prison is trying to insinuate something that is not true. Desperate measures from desperate women.
Lockwood chokes again. Cynthia Agyepong is present with him.
Someone from the nursing team is attempting to get Lockwood to imitate my dead mother’s voice. How human can you get?
Anita “Jook him up”
Jane Hinshlemoore pretending to be Tokyin with Anita present. This is what Lockwood repeats to me.
Cynthia Agyepong “If you want to get even with somebody – here’s how to do it”.
Anita “ Keep hurting Mr Dillon’s wrist”
Anita present with Lockwood. My wrist is still hurting and Lockwood is still being aggressive.
Cynthia Agyepong making her presence felt again.
Tokyin stabs me in the left wrist.
Anita present with Lockwood. The nurses are trying to create a persona that is a rival to me. This creation will then satisfy Lockwood’s curiosity and keep him entertained. Also there is the psychological dynamic that this persona will also be unbearable for me. Thing is, I am not he one dong the chasing.
Anita, Cynthia Agyepong having problems with Lockwood.
Strange feeling sensation in wrist again. It really aches.
Cynthia Agyepong back and already trouble.
Taking a nap!
Ear popping
Attempts to influence m thoughts whilst I am asleep.
Poked in spine middle and lower sections.
Unidentified. I suspect Cynthia Agyepong is responsible as it’s about her level of spite. “Dean doesn’t want you anymore” Please read entries between 25th and 30th MarchMarch from Austria.
Tokyin present with Lockwood. My left wrist is hurting again. I can still detect them clearly and it’s not what I want.
I have taken a sedative. Seems Lockwood won’t leave me alone. Tokyin and Anita are now with Lockwood.
Working at night gives an individual the ability to behave as they would otherwise perhaps would not during the day.
Tokyin stabs me in the neck. This is the third incident with this nurse. (1) Lower back, (2) Back again, (3) Neck.
Cynthia Agyepong present with Lockwood.
Anita present with Lockwood.
Cynthia Agyepong causing nuisance with Lockwood again.
Anita present with Lockwood again.
Cynthia Agyepong and Tokyin stabbing me in the back. Loose sensation in back.
Right side of back still poked.
Tokyin poking and stabbing for the last 30 mins constantly.
Tokyin telling unknown that I am to be stopped using the gym.
Stabbed in chest (sensation). Unidentified check roster.
Cynthia Agyepong poking at my eyes (sensation).
Cynthia Agyepong constantly trying to reach me via Lockwood. Shouldn’t she be doing the opposite?
Stabbed in right elbow (sensation). All very distracting to say the least. I prefer to interact with people around me – not with a bunch of nurses and a psychotic.
Guts and bowels and slack lower back and off balance.
P A C K I N G   T O    L E A V E
Pain in left hand – fingers affected.
Woke up restored – despite being woken once on the early hours. Lockwood says that Anita told him to focus on my bowels and intestines in the night. As a consequence of this I now have flatulence and an unsettled feeling. I have evacuated my bowels twice this morning already. The time now is 10:31. I am in pain in my abdomen. I have to travel for 12 hours tomorrow. I will now take some Loperimide to help with the loose stools.
Tokyin eye poking again spiteful.
Tokyin has been eavesdropping via Lockwood whilst I visit Ursula. This made me very aware that my privacy had been violated.
Back ache – left side again.
Tokyin talking about my mother to Lockwood. Cynthia Agyepong pretending to be Jane Hinshlemoore. Tokyin making idle conversation about what I ate as a child!?!
Eating a meal and I am aware of the discomfort that Lockwood has caused with his constant mental attacks.
Cynthia Agyepong “I just wanna see” That’s what comes out of her mouth – as she watched Lockwood rigid with anger after she has dosed him. Is this humane? Is anyone ever going to break through to psychiatry that this has to stop.
Night before flight. C.A. He’s F-----g my life up” referring to me. The amount she’s put’s in – how can she blame just him?
Stanstead Airport Departure Lounge: Sharp stab to left side below ribs. Cynthia Agyepong bad mouthing again with Sandra present. I remember that on the tube coming to the airport, my intestines were very active and my back relaxed and loose. I am very used to this routine and have travelled to my destination many times.
Hot again and still in departure lounge with 30 mins to gate opening. Back also attacked – annoying sensation – numbing. That mental case needs shutting down!
Arrived inAustria ok! I can still hear him – uncanny isn’t it at 000 Kilometres? He seems to be taking on the role of a nurse. Trying to tell me what to do – how to behave in Austria. When I don’t comply – he hurts my body. My left wrist is aching.
Last night went to bed ok. Before I did I felt some pokes to my ribs and feet. Pleasant for me! I think Cynthia Agyepong is responsible for this. During sex I felt I felt uncomfortable. Basically I was mentally attacked again.
Also I was awoken too early. It felt as though I had been mentally attacked all night by Cynthia Agyepong and Anita. My balance is also affected and I am aware of being in the company of my friend. We only get to see each other once a week!

There is also a screaming noise coming from Lockwood. A whining sound.
Awoken at around 05:30. Cynthia Agyepong is with him.
Cynthia Ageypong is with Lockwood and the noise is awful – worse than in London. I think that she thought the distance might make a difference. Or she is doing it to spoil my time with my friend? I think she is homophobic anyway. I predict that when I get home to London – the noise will reduce. I feel a stabbing sensation in the right side of my neck.
Surprisingly I have no loose stools or digestive discomfort. Maybe the distance is too great for him to try this one.
Note: Had back ache for the whole day. Anita and Cynthia Agyepong with Lockwood for part of day. Since Anita has become more involved in this case – Lockwood has become more cruel – this I have noticed with surety.
I have also had my ears popped for most of the day too.
Note: Anita has been telling Lockwood to “knock” me whilst I am in bed, I think that she thought I would not feel it because I am abroad.
Cynthia Agyepong mentally shadowing via Lockwood. She sits next to him writing Bengali down – for what purpose? She is getting too far-fetched!
Melanie abuse of the lowest domination I have ever heard!
Cynthia Agyepong has just finished a trance with Lockwood.
I arrived in London (home). Last night I was awoken at 3am as usual – before my flight. I was very tired.
Anita present with Lockwood? Disturbing me whilst I watch a film.
I bite my tongue. Unusual for me!
My legs are aching especially the backs – for 1 hour now!
Anita present with Lockwood.
Tokyin telling Lockwood to make me bite my tongue.
Tokyin “We’ve put the word out in the gay community via Donna”.
Cynthia Agyepong present with Lockwood.
Lower back cracking – relaxed feeling – not normal.
Hot all over Sandra threatens me – pre cursor for language class?
Stabbed in mid spine – lower back. Cynthia Agyepong on the roster.
Stabbed again – this time left side. Note: took extensive warm up as first time back from Austria.
Tokyin stabs me in the back (sensation).
Tokyin or Cynthia Agyepong: I am in Sainsbury’s Victoria Station. I feel very hot and tired as I walk back home. It’s very cold and my head and hair seem mildly damp. This makes my head feel very cold - 3° outside.
Anita present with Lockwood/Tokyin.
Cynthia Agyepong Mocking Lockwood so he pops mentally.
Cynthia Agyepong wakes me up!
Cynthia Agyepong motions Lockwood to make me bite my tongue. She does not speak but uses gestures!
Tokyin almost makes me bite my tongue.
Dr Diver with Lockwood. Anita and Cynthia Agyepong all have very bad attitudes towards my family. They say the most hateful things about my mother and Lockwood passes it on.
Eunice, Agnes and Angie present with Lockwood. I am hot and I am planning to go out from my flat. Lockwood is jealous that I am a free man!
On Central Line and hot over torso. I also feel attacked mentally. I am still raw over my trip to Austria. It’s freezing outside 3º!
Cynthia Agyepong attempting to “test” if I am coughing on the tube! I feel a slight choking sensation in my throat. I controlcontrol it – I always carry water with me. On Victoria Line now and hot inside jacket! Feelings of being victimized by Tokyin, Cynthia Agyepong and Eunice – also Anita. Lockwood reminds me! If you can imagine what it’s like to feel targeted – being on your own in London.
I am in bed watching a film and tired. I have my first therapy appt in the morning. I am poked in the abdomen twice. Ear popping is frequent – Anita present.
Headshocks – Anita with Lockwood. It happens three times and jolts me awake.
Cynthia Agyepong wakes me up again. Bad lucid dreams! Some sort of sexual activity/assault. It involves force and depravity. I cannot be 100% sure of the content.
This is of course the
night before my first therapy appointment. Yes, it’s true – because of the amount of mental trauma Lockwood has caused over a 4 year period. I am now using the resources of a private therapist.
Another lucid dream. I am throwing my mother out of my flat. I want to get a flat of my own. I am 30 years old – I think that this type of anxiety would have passed by now! Errr, with all the household bill I have paid over 12 years of holding a tenancy and living alone Duh! Anita and Tokyin – possibly trying to intimidate me mentally. They think they need me to comply with Lockwood’s wishes – This will never happen of course, due to what’s been said about my character and my family. I am this close to going to the Police again to log a further intelligence report (like the previous against Agyepong when she came around to my flat).
Try and make him look like he’s been in a mental hospital. One of the inane comments made by one of the nurses supposedly looking after Lockwood.
I have mild pain in my abdomen and intestines. I also suffer a surprise coughing attack on the tube. Tokyin is after me again –the stupid imbecile!
Note: One thing that I have noticed is that, if this goes on with Cynthia Agyepong, Tokyin and Anita – how will Lockwood ever get to the place he needs to get out? Surely this places an unnecessary burden on prison resources a whole?
I am hot again, on the bus 476 to Stoke Newington. To see therapist – I am nervous as I haven’t seen him in 15 years!
Anita: As soon as I speak (me) – make him bite his tongue. I am in a cab office asking for directions.
My therapy was really good and I will go back.
Tokyin finally chokes me whilst I am eating a burger at kings Cross (Burger King). I am on my way to see a friend who lives very close by. As soon as I arrive I ask their homehelp for a glass of water. She tells me to swallow very hard to remove the food that is now lodged in my throat. It works – I live to tell the tale. Lockwood tells me that Eunice and Cynthia Agyepong have teamed up together also!
I feel a poking sensation when I am with my friend in my ribs. It’s distracting and uncomfortable a very young child is present. I don’t wish to be reminded of what or where Lockwood has or is currently.
Repeatedly stabbed in the ribs – Tokyin still angry! I am on a bus 16 to Kilburn.
Just sent card to my boyfriend in Austria – I forgot to put my address on the back. This is something I usually do. Lockwood has developed his skill for annoyance via the help of Cynthia Agyepong (Absolutely). She has done nothing but made him worse since she got her grubby little paws on him. We will all suffer because of her….
I have also been kicked in the mouth (via Lockwood mental attack) I bite my inner cheek and tongue.
Stabbed in the back badly! I am ordering a drink at the bar in a pub in Soho, where I have just met a new friend. It causes me to jump inside, but I conceal this from others. I just hope I don’t get kicked in the mouth when I am talking to my friend.
I wake from lucid dream: Involving Ursula and her Son.
Anita telling Lockwood to make me bite my tongue!
Anita telling Lockwood to heat me up in tutorial – I am now hot!
Anita again interrupting me!
Cynthia Agyepong: I suffer intrusion and lucid dreams.
I go to Tesco and my left wrist is popping at joint. I feel the presence of Lockwood around me. He is being prompted by nurse into this behavior (this does not help at all). Anita and Tokyin identified by Lockwood – also possibly Sandra.
Note: I get the feeling that Cynthia Agyepong is deliberately provoking Lockwood. She has a fragile ego and perhaps in not suited to this case. She is also spreading vicious rumours about me in the prison.
Bite tongue…Biopsy
Tokyin stabs me in lower back because I am outing her behavior to the Governor’s office.
Mocking me about my diaries. I am perfectly entitled to do as I wish. These entries are sent ‘in confidence’ addressed to the Governors offices. They state the situation as it is presented to me via Lockwood. He is still mentally with me and has been for the last 3.5 years. He has shown little sign of making any attempts to leave. I am sure you know this very well from your more valid and trusted staff members.
Cynthia Agyepong telling Lockwood to mentally attack me.
Cynthia Agyepong wakes me up again.
Lockwood hates Cynthia Agyepong.
Tokyin is spreading rumours about Mr Dillon Lockwood tells me.
Tokyin telling Lockwood to mentally attack my neck! She hits Lockwood in the face and says it’s him biting. This is what Lockwood says to me mentally.
Anita and Cynthia Agyepong telling Lockwood to make me bite my mouth. I feel my jaw contract. There is no dame this time. I have a class later today and it’s a language course – so I will need to speak with fellow classmates. Leave me alone!
Tokyin and Cynthia Agyepong heating me up on the tube going to class at City Lit. I am slightly late as well.
Cynthia Agyepong mentally attacking me in class – right from the start. When I go in to the classroom – someone at your end overwhelms me with negative vibes.
I am made to cough via Cynthia Agyepong. Or so Lockwood tells me.
I am made to cough again in class. I quickly gulp some water down (I always carry a bottle). I hope and pray it won’t happen. I also keep my diary in a convenient pocket in my backpack for easy and quick note taking.
I bite my tongue talking to my languages teacher. I pretend nothing has happened. It’s all done to humiliate and tease me for some stupid, inane reason - which some of the nursing staff perceive will make Lockwood feel better and therefore be eligible for a transfer away from them.
Cynthia Agyepong “It’s not my life that’s getting ruined – it’s my job!” Well, she hates it at the prison now anyway. Why not leave and go where you are more suited?
On Victoria Line. I am hot all over my torso.  Tokyin present with Lockwood.
Tokyin stabs my wrist (left).
Cynthia Agyepong messing with Lockwood’s head again. She makes him scream in his mind. She does this repeatedly over and over. I wish I had phrased this more clearly in my previous correspondence to you.
Tokyin mentally attacking Lockwood and my back lower left side.
Cynthia Agyepong talking about my mother and her supposed criminal history. Lockwood says the Police at the prison told her this….!?
Anita helping Lockwood to stab me in the left side of my back.
Cynthia Agyepong stabs me in the left side of my back (sensation).
Sandra stabs me in the back – left side whilst doing bent over rows. Everyone wants a pop at me – I won’t give in.
Cynthia Agyepong stabs me in the back repeatedly over and over again.
Arrive home and it’s freezing outside! My head felt really cold in the street. Like it was being targeted (made to sweat). Cynthia Agyepong stands by and does nothing!
How can you let someone – somewhere suffer because it is out of sight? I personally would not be able to do this as it goes against my principles. Also it would go against someone’s basic human rights. This behavior must stem from utter selfishness and ignorance.
Freezing outside. Tokyin telling Lockwood to heat me up!
Tokyin insulting my mother because she was white and had fallen on hard time after associating with my Nigerian father.
Tokyin or Cynthia Agyepong: He will always stay in wherever he goes! The Governor will fwd your diaries to the Police. Well I hope you do – because at least the Police will see what Lockwood is capable. How he can ruin or at least try to ruin someone’s life out of pure malice! He also has the tenacity to manipulate psychiatric staff into carrying his behavior in the outside world from behind bars! Lockwood has many hidden facets.
Note: Cynthia Agyepong has single handedly attempted to force Lockwood into stopping his behavior. This makes him worse and even more obsessed with me. He will never get out!
Stabbed in the lower back middle area - Anita present with Lockwood.
Tokyin calling me a paedophile!  Charming!
Guts aches and bowel movement courtesy of Lockwood!
B R E A K   F R O M   D I A R Y
Going out to buy milk and empty bins 0º outside. Lockwood trying to heat me up!
Anita telling Lockwood to make me sweat.
Cynthia Agyepong, Anita and Sandra all wake me up!
Anita stabbing at my back (sensation) via Lockwood – this is how he tells it to me in my mind.
Cynthia Agyepong imitating Tokyin vice versa…Nasty snide remarks about me to Lockwood.
Cynthia Agyepong constantly calling my name over and over again. She wants to keep this going – no peace for anyone. Someone see her for what she is….
Tokyin again bothering me.
Cynthia Agyepong mentally provoking Lockwood – he subsequently disturbs me.
Anita. Tokyin and Cynthia Agyepong Knocking Lockwood!
Summary: Lot’s of disturbance all day! Cynthia Agyepong is mentioned constantly by Lockwood.
On Central Line, Tokyin, Anita and Cynthia Agyepong present with Lockwood. I am hot under my jacket – unpleasant. I am on my way to Edna’s to feed the cats. As mentioned previously – she has had an operation and I am helping out. I would like to be left alone whilst doing this. I have some responsibility for her flat. I need peace of mind whilst I come and go – locking up when I leave etc.
Also I have backache on my right side. Also I cannot keep washing clothes without mercy or go to the dry cleaners all the time – as it costs a fortune. Perhaps I should start sending my cleaning bills to the Prison for recompense?
I make my journey ok. No further heating up on the return journey, but constant references made by Lockwood about Cynthia Agyepong, Anita, Kelsey and Diver.
I keep being poked – jolted and balance affected. Why does this keep happening? I feel like a prisoner of war being routinely tortured on a daily basis.
Taken sedative after very rough night last night.
Lockwood starts mentally concentrating on me. He says its Cynthia Agyepong concept!
Cynthia Agyepong disturbing me again via Lockwood.
Anita attempting to make me bite my mouth.
Eating some melon and made to swallow too fast. I am alone in the flat – if I choke? Who helps me? This is the second time this happens – first time last night.
Cynthia Agyepong disturbs me again…..
I take my ablusions – unsettled. I feel like I have been mentally attacked in the bowel area all night. I have a safe diet – noting too spicy.
Been to a prospective college. Whilst there I am made hot and bothered. Also my back is relaxed whilst I wait in line to speak to the course director. ALSO ONE OF TOKYIN AND CYNTHIA AGYEPONGS FAVOURITE TRICKS IS TO MAKE PEOPLE FORGET THINGS. This is so annoying and pathetic – spite geared towards Lockwood. Of course, he then does this to everyone else in his vicinity and me remotely.
I am getting hotter and uncomfortable.
Stabbed in knee – right leg whilst walking through Waterloo Stn to Edna's. Cynthia Agyepong seems to think this will get it out of his system. He attacks me and has to energy for them. He will never get out if he keeps thinking about me. The Police don’t want to go through another round on the outside again.
My right side feels loose also lower back. Ribs, abs all manipulated mentally by Lockwood.
Snowing outside and I am sweating on the tube – neck esp. Anita is present with Lockwood – he tells me mentally! Cynthia Agyepong or Tokyin is testing her method on me. I am a human being in the real world – going about my life – I do NOT need this! I am boiling hot now- I have to get off at Elephant and Castle to cool down! I actually have sweat dripping down my forehead – soaking the baseball cap I am wearing. I also feel weak and faint. My hair is damp – like I have been in a sauna! I cannot remove my jacket, as it’s still Winter. Lockwood blames Tokyin – that’s what he says.
By the time I reach Stockwell I am soaked across the shoulders and feel quite cold. I walk briskly to avoid cooling any further.
Hot before stretch – strange haven’t run or exerted myself. More mental attack. 
Cynthia Agyepong gets Lockwood to stab at my left hamstring.
Lots of pain in my right hamstring – Lockwood says Anita.
Anita has apparently done something to Lockwood’s head to make him mentally attack me!
On my way to the City Lit. Lockwood talking to me about the staff at the prison. Apparently Anita wants to give me Schizophrenia. Whilst on the tube I am made hot under my jacket – uncomfortable to say the least.
I arrive in class hot around the gils!
Anita present with Lockwood. My ribs start to ache!
Summary: Class went ok – some problems with short-term memory. I really do not want a prisoner eavesdropping with staff member on my private life. I do not want to hear the nasty malicious comment designed to control prisoners. As I do presently – I will send them back to your offices – so you can sample them for yourself.
Whilst studying, I find myself distracted by Lockwood. My short term memory. Nothing too serious, more a petty minor annoyance compared to being overheated on crowded tube trains.
Tokyin telling Lockwood to poke pins in my leg – spiteful.
Tokyin, Cynthia Agyepong and Anita all waiting for me to go to bed. This is because Lockwood has to go to sleep (joke) after everyone else.
Cynthia Agyepong wakes me up.
Tokyin stabs me in the back.
Tokyin and Cynthia Agyepong forcing Lockwood to talk about me. He gets upset and angry – as he does not want to. Also talking about my friends Nitin and Narib.
Anita with Lockwood trying to calm him after his conflict with Tokyin.
CYNTHIA AGYEPONG/TOKYIN: She’s got Lockwood sending me mental images of young boys (Two young white boys aged between 7 & 9 years old. From poor backgrounds – they were trying to gain entry to my flat – using keys – specific keys that only Lockwood would know about or some who has taken him apart using drugs)  tying my shoelaces in I imagine an attempt to ascertain whether or not I am sexually stimulated. The other part of this rather revolting mental attack is that this “contact” happens right outside my front door. Is she simply stupid or plain evil or somehow trying shift the gravity of her incompetence my way? Because let me mention here I have had no direct contact with Lockwood for over 3.5 years. I don’t understand what is going on with Cynthia Agyepong and her vicious attacks on my character….
She also mentions my mother again – which I don’t appreciate at all. I find her rather disgusting as an individual to say the least.
She sits with him in the early hours pumping this poison into him – as soon as the Doctor arrives she says it’s him to initiates it. Is she deliberatly leading him to the slaughter or me perhaps?
Sandra: It’s what we thought!”
Brian with Lockwood over these appalling insinuations.
Cynthia Agyepong “I hope you get what you deserve Dillon” She signs out of the prison around 13:30 or so she says – she’s probably afraid!
Cynthia Agyepong finally leaves and makes me hot as she says her goodbyes to Lockwood. A nasty little habit that has been going on for months.
On Jubilee Line to Edna's (Cat sitting) – stabbed in the neck (sensation). I am not hot!
Cynthia Agyepong “I you want F—k him up”
Anita and Cynthia Agyepong. I am on the tube and boiling hot. I am at London Bridge Station taking the Northern Line to Stockwell.
Anita: I have to get off the train as I am boiling hot all over. It seems as though whenever Cynthia Agyepong is involved or has gripe (which is quite often) – I suffer, well I think this confirms the problems in this case. She is scared of being exposed or of being somehow humiliated at having to leave this case (not before time). If that happens – that’s life!
More trouble – Cynthia Agyepong.
Awoken again when Cynthia Agyepong is on duty. My back feels like rubber!
The moment I become active i.e. watch a movie – I have to suffer being mentally attacked. Yes, I am suffering – perhaps that’s not something Lockwood can understand.
Cynthia Agyepong present with Lockwood.
Whilst I make a phone call to Grinella – I hear someone in the background (prison) imitating her voice – I think it’s Tokyin or Cynthia Agyepong. In my view they are simply trying to find a key to a vulnerability in me in an attempt to manipulate me to their own ends. Surely they can’t e naïve enough to think I am the problem in this situation. The situation is of her own making not mine!
Disturbed by Anita whilst I am brushing up my maths.
Cynthia Agyepong constantly insulting me – comparing my life with Lockwoods. My activities and routine on the basis she can work this! Pull him away – a complete paradox.
I find out that Cynthia Agyepong deliberately did not administer his meds – with the intention of keeping him up late.
Anita: more detriment against my mother (deceased).
Anita: Testing Lockwood’s mettle again..
Cynthia Agyepong and Anita – lots of mental noise from Lockwood.
Anita making me hot again as I sleep. I feel a bit sick and have a very dry mouth. I drink water.
Cynthia Agyepong and Anita with Lockwood
Angie with Lockwood.
Cynthia Agyepong talking about my mother to Lockwood for around 1 hour or so.
Cynthia Agyepong telling Lockwood that I have admitted sexually abusing someone!
Anita & Tokyin both encouraging Lockwood to “listen in” whilst I complete my diary entries. I have a real nagging pain in my right hip. I am sure Anita has been telling him to concentrate his hate at me. I am sure she thinks I will wear down.
I am being heated up again – before I go to feed the cats. It’s actually putting me of leaving the flat because of the cold weather.
I am still getting hotter. Anita lets him do this at night. So when she commands (at the blink of an eye) during the day – it will take effect. A sort of mental control, short term mental abuse. I think it’s unlikely to cause permanent damage – but certainly worth mentioning here.
Tokyin making me sweat on tube train. I am on the Jubilee Line at Waterloo. Head damp – cap dampish at crown and hot underneath jacket. I think this is Anita idea/concept. What can it possibly achieve?
I am starting to cool down – Diver with Lockwood. My crown is cool and moist as is the polo neck sweater I am wearing. Neck damp and unpleasant esp. with the wind in the tunnels – dirt etc.
Starting to get warm again. Anita and Cynthia Agyepong starting the game of a “Lickle bit more” teasing Lockwood like he has a choice in the matter – coaxing him to do it.
Cats fed and cleaned up! On Metropolitan Line Baker Street – nearly home and heating up. This is not a natural temp for me at this time of night in the middle of Winter. I am not ill – don’t have flu.
Awoken by Cynthia Agyepong or Anita.
I go to ........ Police Station. I am desperate to get this to stop. The Police are all I have – the only organisation who know the truth of the matter. I speak to Gloria Radnor Desk Receptionist, she advises me to write to the Governor Gary Monaghan. She elaborates; explain what you think these nurses are doing and why!
For the past hour I have had a pain in my wrist (left). It keeps popping. Tokyins concept – nice!
Anita waking me up! Mr Bobo Claat is getting away from me!
Arrived at hairdressers sweaty and hot. Lockwood deliberately suppressing his anger so he can mentally attack me – which he does with ferocity. I start to sweat whilst waiting for a haircut by my friend Mike.
I sweat throughout the haircut – only towards the end does this subside. I say to my friend that I am tired. He knows me well anyway. Probably thinks I am stresses or something.
As I sit to practice my math, Cynthia Agyepong pipes up “Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone sit with you – like a father” She outdoes herself every time. Tell me, does it take much practice to become so utterly offensive?
Cynthia Agyepong telling Lockwood to make me bite my tongue. Sandra may also be present.
On train and hot all over torso, head etc. Northern Line from Waterloo to Goodge Street.
Cynthia Agyepong or Anita: I am buying food in Tesco Greenwich. I am hot all over. I can feel my vest is very damp underneath my woolen sweater. It’s very unpleasant – I think designed to make me lose it in public. Taking away my confidence and therefore fighting spirit. This will NEVER happen – over my dead body!
At Gloucester Road Tube and sweating all over.
Sweat on temple – drops which I wipe away with my fingers. In this weather?
On Victoria Line. I am still hot and have been on and off all day. I am fed up! Lockwood mentions Cynthia Agyepong, Anita and Tokyin all day.
Soaked in sweat at Oxford Circus. Vest damp and hot under jacket. All this is public with hundreds of people around me. A very intimate type of mental abuse!
Woken up again (please see shaded areas of diary). Unidentified “Just shows what people can do!”….I guess the person/nurse who has sat next to Lockwood whilst he goes stiff and rages – thinks this is some sort of talent.
Cynthia Agyepong has developed a new strategy to get on my nerves. She tells Lockwood to sing to me – current and old pop songs.
She also mentions Ursula’s son – which I am very angry about. Please stop her ever doing this again.
Anita and Cynthia Agyepong telling Lockwood to send me mental images of young girls.
Tokyin, Anita and Cynthia Agyepong: Stabs me in the centre (lower back) whilst I am standing on the Jubilee Line platform. Just met Chris to give him his mums phone charger – she is not at home, hence the cat sitting.
Tokyin telling Lockwood to mentally attack me on the tube. I am coming back from Bermondsey.