Friday, 11 August 2017

Dr Jane Hinshlemore...

Obnoxious cow who used to run down to Lockwood's cell whenever there was any police activity around me in public. She was using her perceptions of me being afraid in public situations. This wasn't the case at all. This is what Lockwood repeats, otherwise this page would be blank.

Voodoo Hoodoo

In A Nutshell

Pop culture continually intermixes many African Diasporic traditions and portrays them exclusively as Voodoo. However, most of what is portrayed in books, movies, and television is actually hoodoo. Voodoo is a religion that has two markedly different branches: Haitian Vodou and Louisiana Vodoun. Hoodoo is neither a religion, nor a denomination of a religion—it is a form of folk magic that originated in West Africa and is mainly practiced today in the Southern United States.

The Whole Bushel

Hoodoo, known as “Ggbo” in West Africa, is African-American folk magic. It consists mainly of African folkloric practices and beliefs with a significant blend of American Indian botanical knowledge and European folklore. It is in no way linked to any particular form of theology, and it can be adapted into numerous forms of outward religious worship. Although it is not a religion, there are elements of African and European religions at the core of hoodoo beliefs. Teachings and rituals are passed down from one practitioner to another—there are no designated priests or priestesses and there are no divisions between initiates and laity. Rituals vary depending on the individual performing them; there is no strict approach that one must adhere to. Today, hoodoo is mainly practiced in the Southern United States, and most people who practice hoodoo are Protestant Christians.

Eunice CPN is especially vulnerable to these practices.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Hexing Psychic Beliefs:

Hexing Psychic Beliefs:

Removing a curse or Hex video.

Courtesy of Taliesin McKnight

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Gary has had trouble with compulsions for years. Opposite Baker Street Station (public toilets) he went cruising and made a mistake. He grabbed a man's penis by the urinals. Turned out he was straight. Gary was arrested. The police sat Gary in a room with a detective whilst the Victim (in a separate room) told them what happened Gary (he could hear - made it easier for the Police dealing with Gary) Repeated to me mentally by Gary in prison. Nothing to do all day...

Rumour is the whole care plan was somehow approved by and for Dr Jane Hinshlemoor. She has been a psychiatrist for 5 years. Before that she was in higher education.

Dr Bridget Kelsey (The Duchess) approved her ideas in part only in a supervisory role. She in turn is supervised by Dr Gursoy Senior Consultant Psychiatrist who is based on various sites such as Chase Farm Hospital.

I am so drained and tired with all this. Carrying a burden which isn't really mine. Very unfair indeed.

Psychiatric Nurse Grace and Eunice both seem to agree that if they allow Gary to get better at the prison - they will be stuck with him.

He moans he wants a transfer, so the only way to win is to move him. For his sake and everybody else's.  

Now I experience strange feelings on my anus. Gary likes black men to F..k him, I don't; so Eunice or Grace is telling him to give me strange sensations in intimate places. Both are psychiatric nurses at the prison. Wonder what the Governor Mr Monaghan thinks about this PERVERSITY?

Nasty rumour that I would be in real trouble if Eddie (Homosexual Sadistic Priosn Officer)) tells to attack me mentally. Gary causes your body to react to his attentions. In short, he is a control freak!

Monday, 15 September 2014

The Start of this Mess

EX Online date who won't let me go!

It's been around 7 years since Gary came into my life. I never thought 7 years ago I would regret ever setting eyes on him. But today I can truly, wholeheartedly say he was the worst man to ever enter my life. For 6 years he has tormented me mentally. In the beginning he was all smiles and said all the right things. Lied about having physical illnesses that would render him physically disabled when he was older. I believed him like a fool. His sob story about losing a partner 10 years previously to HIV. He spun me a sob story and I lapped it up!

At first it was nice to feel like I was helping someone who had problems. We shared our woes and hurts. I thought he was a nice man, not the predator he turned out to be in the end. I was having some housing problems and he said I could stay with him some nights until my problem was resolved. I felt safe with him. I introduced him to a friend. She had her reservations and felt he was rude and wanted to come between her and me. He unbeknown to me he was/is afraid of women (I will come to this later on)...He had a friend who was coming over from New York to stay for 2 weeks. He asked me to meet him - which I did. He was charming and sweet. A black gentleman who happened to be HIV +. It was a pleasure to help show him around London. I was convinced at this stage that Gary was sincere in his positive outlook towards others. We went to Brighton for the day and at first we seemed to be having a great time - shopping - eating etc. Then in the late afternoon by the beach K (New York friend) lost his footing at the top of the steps leading to the promenade. Instead of reaching out to stop K falling backwards, Gary did nothing! I immediately felt numbed/shocked. I reached out to catch him as I was behind K. That was my first warning as to who Gary really was/is....